Saturday, December 4, 2010

Land's End Bridge

I think I found it! There is a stone bridge in Methuen that has been called the Land's End bridge, the London bridge, and the Sands bridge. I initially heard about this thing in a book on Methuen history and I've wanted to take pictures of it ever since. I knew what road it was off, I knew it had originally crossed the Spicket River (aka the Mighty Spicket) but when route 93 was built the river was diverted and the Sands bridge doesn't cross it anymore.

I tried to calculate where it was and I thought it was just South of Hampshire road, just to the East of 93. I was wrong. It's to the north of Hampshire road and you can actually see it from the road. In fact, it's close enough that my cat could jump from the road to the bridge.

It's interesting for two reasons. (at least to me) One is that it was built without mortar. It's just stones piled on top of each other. The other is that it was built in something like 1845 or so. (I could get the exact date, but I would have to get up off my ass, and that ain't happening after watching the Bruins lose to the Maple Leafs) The bridge that's there now replaced one that dated back to the colonial days. I find that fascinating. I love coming across historical sites like that. Things that predate my country. Living in Massachusetts we get to see things like that now and then, but to find one hidden in the woods just seems really cool to me.

I will be taking my camera there soon. Very soon.

Now, having said that...

Jen and I are looking at places to visit in the UK. Not planning, just fantasizing. Here I am, jazzed up about a 160 year old bridge and Jen shows me a photo of a castle that dates back to the 600's. Note... not the 1600's, which some one from the New England can sort of wrap his head around, but the 600's.

Oh yeah, let's not forget that there are Roman sites in the UK too.

Oh yeah... Stonehenge. An actual prehistoric site.

So I'll leave this one with a question: If you could spend a few days in either Ireland or Scotland, which would you chose? Or, if you could pick one historical site to visit in England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales, what would you chose?



  2. To answer your questions:
    1. Scotland, without a doubt!
    2. Hmmmm... one site only? Historical? Does Abbey Road count? If not, then probably Stonehenge.
    Visiting the UK has been a dream of mine for nearly 50 years. I want to go to London & Liverpool, and Scotland of course. There is a tour company that goes to all the major Beatles' sites, but for Sherm & I to go it would probably cost about $10K. I'm happy for you guys, but very jealous!!! LOL