Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Thoughts on Tonight's Bruins Game

The Bruins are playing the Flyers tonight. They lead the game 2-0 with 2:40 left in the second period. Philly is about to take a penalty shot though, so let's wait for that before writing anything more........

Scott Hartnell on Tim "Vezina 2011" Thomas.......

Save Thomas.

The score remains 2-0.

So what was I thinking? Oh yeah. They are talking about this as the big rematch of last season's second round playoff series. You remember that one, right? That's the one where the Bruins joined the ranks of the biggest losers in pro sports history by blowing a three games to none lead in a seven game series?

This is not a rematch of that. Winning this game tonight won't exorcise the demons of last seasons epic, humiliating collapse.

Winning this game will give the Bruins two points in the standings. There is no way the Boston Bruins can make us forget about the horrors of the 2nd round last year. If they win the Stanley Cup this year we might forgive the horror that was last year's tragic conclusion, but believe me... we will not forget.

Go Bruins

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