Monday, December 20, 2010


Busy weekend. Really busy weekend.

We woke up early on Saturday and cracked the whip. Jen had to work for a while and I needed to get a jump on the Christmas Eve Party Preparation by cleaning the hell out of the house. We also had some more Christmas shopping to do.

After a few hours of cleaning we broke for lunch, at the Border Cafe of course. From there we hit a number of stores, focusing mostly on places in Methuen. The best story from the shopping spree comes from Old Navy.

We were in line at a check out register, just shooting the breeze and waiting for our turn, when Jen starts laughing. She told me to check out the woman at the next register. I took a look, and then I started laughing too. She was wearing a sweater and a shirt, both of which still had price tags on them. We told the clerk at our register, he called security, and they came to covertly check things out.

Lady... if you're going to shoplift... take the damn tags off the clothes your shoplifting!

We tried to hang out long enough to see her get busted at the door, but we were feeling a little too obvious and decided to wait outside. Once outside we weren't obvious anymore, but we were COLD, so we moved along to the next store on the shopping list.

After shopping we visited with my folks for a while, then went home and popped in a movie and went to bed, completely forgetting to eat dinner.

Forgetting to eat dinner on Saturday night leads to eating breakfast at IHOP on Sunday morning. Once we got home it was back to work. Cleaning for me and wrapping presents for Jen. We blew through a big chunk of the pre-party to-do list. Then it was up to Salem to pick up the kids, and then down to Tewksbury for a Christmas party. Both of my nephews and my niece were there as well. Jen's kids did a fantastic job helping keep an eye on the little ones during a very crowded and busy party. Santa came. Santa gave presents. All of the kids got one. Santa is the best.

After that we went out to dinner (again... sort of a trend for us lately. A trend that has my waist line expanding exponentially) before heading home and watching another movie.

Very eventful, busy weekend. I had a blast. I wish we could add a few more days onto it, but instead we'll just try and patiently get through the few days remaining between now and Christmas.

Thanks for a great weekend, Jen. Thanks for a great weekend, kids.


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