Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Recap Part 1a

Welcome to Christmas Pictures Recap Post #1a. These are pictures from our house on Christmas Eve and Christmas morning. #1b will be on the private page and it will have kid pics. #2a will be pics from my sister's house on Christmas day, and #2b will be private kid pics from my sister's house on Christmas day.

Be warned... I took lots of low light pictures of Christmas trees.

My Owl ornament from 1977. The Law states that the Owl will always be the highest ornament, next to the star.
2010-12-24&25 Christmas 032

Our star.
2010-12-24&25 Christmas 033

I had this weird urge to see the tree from outside.
2010-12-24&25 Christmas 042

One of the penguins lit up in our yard.
2010-12-24&25 Christmas 051

The awesome Star Wars snow globe (it's Darth Vader building a snow-death star) casting awesome shadows.
2010-12-24&25 Christmas 061

I turned off the lights at this point. The kids were annoyed. They were sitting on the couch playing with Papa's iPad.
2010-12-24&25 Christmas 084

I was going for our tree, reflected in the window. What I got was our tree blurry in the window and the neighbor's outside lights. Oh well.
2010-12-24&25 Christmas 098

Extremely lame self-portrait-in-a-glass-ornament attempt. Uber lame.
2010-12-24&25 Christmas 103

I kinda like this one. Cheesy, but cute.
2010-12-24&25 Christmas 123

Our candle has a lampshade/hat.
2010-12-24&25 Christmas 127

Darth Vader without a flash makes cool shadows on the back wall. With a flash, the globe itself lights up in cool ways.
2010-12-24&25 Christmas 144

I did not buy my wife roses on Christmas eve specifically to take macro photos of them. I bought her roses on Christmas eve because I love her like crazy and I thought it would be nice to give her flowers that she could put on the dining room table for our Christmas eve party. Taking macro photos was an unintended bonus, that's all.
2010-12-24&25 Christmas 184

Christmas Morning, before the kids got out of their rooms... Santa Claus came!
2010-12-24&25 Christmas 203

(yes... I had the friggin' shade on my lens, and yes I used the flash, and yes the shade is in the way of the flash and it casts a shadow onto the image, and yes I do suck.)

Another angle.
2010-12-24&25 Christmas 207

Santa ate the cookies and drank the eggnog, and the reindeer ate the carrots. Awesome!
2010-12-24&25 Christmas 208


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