Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tree Shopping

Last night I learned one of the major down sides of Christmas tree shopping.

It's fricken cold out!

The cold was bad. Really bad, but what was worse last night was the wind. We had quite the blustery evening going for us last night and when the wind is blowing very hard it's difficult to judge the quality of a Christmas tree. I had never thought of that before, but it was true. The wind was whipping the branches around and the trees were trying to bend right out of the little tree stand thingies.

Tonight I will brave the cold again, but this time the wind seems much more manageable. I have also put the liner into my jacket so I will be a tad warmer than last night.

The real downside though is that Jen, the love of my life, is still not feeling all that great and I am going to do the tree hunting alone. She trusts me to not get a crappy tree... just like the Peanuts gang trusted Charlie Brown to not get a crappy tree... and we all know how that turned out.


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