Thursday, December 16, 2010

Odd Things

Two odd observations on this very cold Thursday morning. Okay, make that three.

First... it's really cold out. What's worse than it being really cold out? We're still about a week away from the start of Winter. I hate when that happens.

Second... My commute to work is in a roughly South Western direction, as the crow flies. Why then did I seem to spend almost the whole drive facing directly into the sun? Did Astronomy change without anyone telling me?

Third... the Bruins lost to the crappy Buffalo Sabers last night. In goal for Boston? Tuukka Rask. What's Tuukka's win/loss record? Two wins, seven losses, and one overtime loser-point loss. Add up the losses and you get a 2-9 record.

What other goaltending option did the Boston Bruins have last night? Let me check. Oh yeah, Tim Thomas. What's Timmy's win/loss record? 14 wins, two losses, and three overtime loser-point losses. Add up the losses and you get a 14-5 record.

Good call, Claude.

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