Wednesday, February 1, 2012

90 Feet

The Bruins won last night.  They trailed Ottawa 3-1 in the second period and came back to win it in the third.  The winning goal?  It came on a Dennis Seidenberg shot from the red line.  Center ice.  Oh how embarrassing that must be for Ottawa goalie Craig Anderson.  I'm guessing he's going to have a rough day at practice today.

Here are the highlights...

Moving on to the Patriots.  As usual I preface football comments by saying that I don't follow football.  There.  I'm hearing a lot of talk about revenge.  The Giants spoiled the Patriots perfect season in 2007 by beating them in the Super Bowl.  Now people are talking about how a win on Sunday would be revenge.

Would it?

Think about it.  As a Bruins fan, do you feel that beating Philly in the second round of the playoffs in 2011 was adequate payback for Philly humiliating us in the second round in 2010?  I sure as hell don't.  Even winning the Stanley Cup last year did not dull the pain.  What did dull the pain was time.  It's not the freshest memory anymore, but beating Philadelphia and winning the cup doesn't make me feel better about the most embarrassing defeat in post season history.

Do Red Sox fans feel that beating the Yankees in the 2004 ALCS was revenge for losing in heartbreaking fashion in the same series in 2003?  Do they feel that it was payback for the crushing loss in 1978?  I don't.  If it did I would have stopped saying *bleeping* when ever I say the names Aaron *bleeping* Boone or Bucky *bleeping* Dent.  I don't feel that we got even with them, even though we did hand them the most embarrassing loss in baseball history.  I see the three playoffs as completely separate events.

The Patriots beating the Giants in the Super Bowl on Sunday is not going to make up for blowing a perfect season on the last day.  Nothing will ever bring that perfect season back.  Not even successfully completing a new perfect season.  The loss is there forever, no matter what happens now.  I don't see how any thing could be revenge for losing painfully.

Maybe it's just the concept of revenge that I don't get.

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