Friday, February 10, 2012

Weekend Plans

What's on the agenda for the weekend?

Piano lessons, Star Wars, snow, band practice, spending time with my family.

Sounds perfect.

I didn't do any musical work last night.  I did laundry and started watching Downfall.  You know that meme we had a few years ago with Adolf Hitler freaking out over things like Michael Jackson's death and what not?  Hitler throwing a tantrum over pop-culture crap?  Downfall is the movie that scene is taken from.  It's intense.  It's also in German.  I had to stop watching less than half way through last night because my eyes were getting heavy and I couldn't read the subtitles fast enough.  I'll try to watch the rest tonight.

The Bruins play tomorrow and apparently Tim Thomas is too dumb to realize that by taking a job as a public figure, such as a professional athlete, you sacrifice a great deal of your privacy.  He also apparently believes that the 5th amendment covers hockey locker room interviews.  That's all I'm saying on this.  As for the Bruins playing tomorrow, they play a good team so they shouldn't play down to the competition the way they did against the Sabers Wednesday night (they played waaaaay down to the Sabers and got the shit kicked out of them 6-0) so we can hope they'll put up more of an effort.  Unfortunately the game is a Saturday matinee so they are clearly going to lose, regardless of their effort.

Oh well, I'll be at the movies watching Star Wars Episode I in 3D.  It'll be awful.  I'll tell you all about it.

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