Sunday, February 26, 2012

Now What?

The RPM CD I burned last night/this morning is in an addressed envelope, all sealed up and ready to be mailed.  It's just waiting on a stamp.  (snail mail, how quaint?)

Now what?

I've got all of this musical momentum and I need to find a place to direct it.  I just quit my band, so it's not going there.  I no longer have any interest in being in a band.  That might change again somewhere down the road, but for know writing songs in the cellar and bombarding the poor unfortunate souls at alonetone is more than enough of an outlet for me.

Maybe I'll dig around and finish off all of the still unfinished songs from prior projects.  There are two unfinished RPMs, a couple of songs from a couple of aborted National Solo Album Months.  There are a couple of failed attempts at submissions.  There are also a few songs that just exist outside of other projects that could use a home upon completion.

I think that will be the next project.  I'll do it on a mac and not on the iPad.  The iPad was convenient, but things definitely sound better using GarageBand proper.

Yeah, I'll start chipping away at all of that stuff.  That will be fun.  I won't impose any deadlines though.  I'll do it at a more leisurely, not-album-in-a-month pace.

After that there is always the 50/90 challenge.  {gulp}

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