Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Bruins Need a Winning Streak

I'm worried about the Bruins.  I have been for a few weeks now.

They just don't look all that good.  Not as bad as October, but still infinitely worse than November and December.  They play like a bored .500 team, not like Stanley Cup contenders.  It's almost like they expect to be able to turn it on when they need it, but they needed it two nights ago against New York and got shut out 3-0.  They have an alarming tendency to tank against bad teams.  The majority of their losses have come to teams with sub .500 records.  Last night they beat a bad Montreal team, but they blew a 3-1 lead in the third period and needed a shoot out to win the game.  The third period is supposed to be when they dominate.  Not so last night.

Now to make matters worse, we're seeing injuries pop up.  Nathan Horton was supposed to be out with a mild concussion, but that was weeks ago and now they are talking about him possibly being out for a long time.  He did not join the team on the six game road trip that started last night.  I'm starting to get nervous that the mild concussion is much more serious than they told us.  What if it's Crosby-esque and he's out for months?  Add to that Rich Peverley leaving the game in the third last night after a knee on knee hit from former Bruin, and runner up in the tallest guy in the league race to Zdeno Chara, Hal Gill.  Who knows how long he'll be out.  Hopefully not long, but what if it turns out to be weeks?  We need these guys. 

The trade deadline is in a couple of weeks.  Do we now have to fill Horton and Peverley's rolls as well as fill the holes we had prior to the injuries?  Do we have anyone in the farm system who can either come up and help or be used as trade bait?  The answer to that one is no.  A big resounding no.  The depth that management has raved about in recent years appears to have disappeared. 

Rick Nash is supposed to be available for trade.  Do we go all out to get him?  Do we have the assets that Columbus will demand in return for him?  Will his salary handcuff us cap wise? 

So many questions.  So few answers.  I'm nervous.  November was so dominant that we all said they could coast through the remaining games and still finish in a good playoff spot.  That may be true, but the confidence has taken a huge hit and it may not matter if we can't get things straight before April.

Go Bruins... please!

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