Monday, February 27, 2012

NHL Trade Deadline

Today was the NHL's trade deadline. As trade deadlines go it was pretty uneventful. Boring, even. It seemed as though very few deals were made, and most of them looked pretty minor. The league standings are so bunched up right now that very few teams are out of the playoff race and willing to sell.

The Bruins made two moves, acquiring Brian Rolston, Mike Mottau, and Greg Zanon. Two depth forwards and a defense first defenseman, who is a shot blocking machine.

Mottau is a Boston College guy, and we all remember Rolston's glory days with the Bruins. I was royally pissed when the B's let him get away and I'm happy he's back, I just wish he weren't 67 years old. Zanon played for Minnesota, and used to play for Nashville. I know nothing about him except that he's blocked over 10000 shots this year. Mottau seems to be a 4th line type. He's missed significant time this season with a concussion so it remains to be seen how healthy he is at this time.

Interestingly, today also saw one Sami Pahlsson traded from Columbus to Vancouver. Why is that interesting to this Bruins fan?

12 years ago Boston traded Hall of Fame Hockey Godlike Legend Ray Bourque to Colorado for three players. Martin Grenier (sp?), who ended up spending most of his career in the minors and while playing for Hartford was arrested for urinating in public in downtown Lowell* was one. The other two? Brian Rolston and Sami Pahlsson. Ironic, eh?

*I am 95% sure the Market Street Leaker** was Grenier. I whole heartedly apologize to him if I am guilty of mistaken identity.

**I am 65% sure that the leaking offense took place on Market Street. Also, no one ever referred to the incident as The Market Street Leaking. I made that one up just now.

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