Wednesday, February 29, 2012

New Link

I added a link to the list of places you can find my stuff, and stuff over there on the right side of the page (don't forget to scroll down a ways).

When I joined the band I started a tumblr to act as a blog for the band's evolution.  Of course, being the blogging obsessed nerd that I clearly am it quickly devolved into a more personal thing about me being in the band.  I'm such a freakin' content whore.

Anyway, now that I'm not in the band anymore I have changed the focus to tracking any home recording projects I might saddle myself with.  It starts with my first musical plan post-RPM which is finishing all of the unfinished songs that I have lying around from as far back as 2007.  The task list includes 16 songs, two of which have actually been complete since the summer.

Most of the things I get into on the tumblr page will surely end up here too, but there will probably be more boring details there.  Of course,  I don't believe anyone but me ever looked at the page when it was focused on the band, and I highly doubt anyone will look at it now.  I don't care.

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