Thursday, February 23, 2012

A List/B List/C List

So FAWM requires 14.5 songs (translating into English, that is 15 songs) and RPM requires 10.  That represents a luxury I am not used to having on these silly album projects.  I will have more songs available than I actually need.  That means I can skip over those that I don't like, and hopefully the complete album is the better for it.

There are eight songs completely finished right now.  I've been listening to them in the car on the way to and from work.  None of them are very good, and at least one is absolutely horrible, but they are starting to fall into three different categories in my tiny little mind.  One category (let's call it the A List) is songs that I will definitely include on the final album.  Another, (let's call it the B List, are you seeing the pattern?) is songs that aren't as good, but aren't awful and could be used on the final album, although in a perfect world I'd drop them.  The final category (C List maybe?) is songs that utterly suck and won't be going anywhere... either that or they are the ones that don't sound they way I had originally envisioned them.

A List
The Day it all Went to Pieces
Debut (As of right now this might end up as track one)
Showdown at Canobie Lake Park (As of right now this will be the album's title song)
Heartland Denies the Obvious Truth

B List
Ready for It
RPM Blues

C List
Where My Heart Lives (This one waffles between the B and C Lists, but as of right now it's a C)
Throw Away (This song is horrible)

I'll add to this as more songs are finished.  I highly doubt I'll end up with 10 A List songs, and even if I do I might throw on the B List anyway.  Who knows?

Also, assuming the album keeps the current title of Showdown at Canobie Lake Park, which do you think would make a better cover?


I'm leaning toward the first one.  They just happen to be the only pictures of Canobie Lake Park that I have that don't include the kids.  I might drive past the front gate tomorrow and take a camera phone picture there.  We'll see.

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