Monday, February 13, 2012

The Tyranny of the Bathroom Scale

Two weeks ago I started seriously trying to lose weight.  That first morning I stepped on the scale in the bathroom and wrote down the value it displayed.  The scale has a history of inaccuracies so I took two precautions.  First, I weighed myself twice and made sure that the value was the same both times.  Second, I assumed that the value was totally wrong and kept myself from getting worked up about it.  I just want to keep track of the overall trend, even though I know the figures are probably off.

One week later I stepped on the scale (twice) again.  The scale said I had lost weight in those first seven days.  It actually said I had lost 16.6 pounds.  Yeah, right.  In seven days I had lost 16.6 pounds.  I mean, I did get a haircut in that time so maybe it's close, but 16.6 is just silly.

I stepped on the scale again today (twice).  The scale said I had gained 8.8 pounds over the second seven days, but lost 7.8 overall.  That's probably close to accurate as I tend to drop off a lot of weight really fast, and then level out after a few weeks. 

Still, it's not something I am going to focus on.  The current value is less than the original value.  The overall trend is downward.  That makes me happy.

Of course, I forgot my slim fast breakfast and lunch at home this morning.  I'm going to have to get lunch at the cafeteria.  Not a good start to week three.

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