The clock struck midnight on February 1st and I went to sleep.  I was so geared up for this as January was coming to a close, but as soon as it was time to start working I lost 99% of my interest.

Still, I wasn't ready to give up so instead of writing on my guitar before work I forced myself to play with GarageBand on my iPad before bed.  It's 2/6 and I currently have 3 ideas sort of roughed out.  That keeps me on pace for FAWM, but there is so much work to do to finish what little I've started, never mind the mountain that hasn't been started yet.

But as of about half an hour ago I officially altered my focus for this year.  Maybe that will motivate me.  I just bought a 1/4" input for my iPad.  This is now a 100% iPad project.  Well, maybe not 100%... I just remembered a little noodle I have on my iPhone.  I can use the input to take the mono out from my board which will allow me to record some vocals with a little real compression.  I can use my Line6 Pod for the guitar.

I am still lacking in drive, but at least there's a plan of action now.  If I finish on time I'll dedicate the final package to Steve Jobs.