Wednesday, February 8, 2012


There are some things that are just made for shopping online.  Music, movies, toys, gadgets, stuff like that.  Stuff that you don't necessarily need to see or hold in your hands before you buy it.  Hey, {insert band name here} has a new record out?  I think I'll buy the CD... pop on over to and boom, the new CD is coming in the mail.

Some things I would really think twice before buying online.  Food.  When I want to cook some burgers on the grill I'm not going to order a box of patties online, I'm going to the supermarket.  Pets.  I can't imagine adopting a new cat without getting to meet it in person first.

Other things are sort of hit or miss.  Clothing.  I don't know what to think when it comes to buying clothes online.  T-shirts are one thing, I would buy up at least 75% of's t-shirt selection if I had the means.  Clothes for work though?  I hesitate.  Another good example is a winter jacket.  That's something I want to be able to test drive a little before I buy it.  I at least want to put it on and see how warm it feels.

What about shoes?  My feet are hard to fit.  They are ridonkulously giguntic to be exact.  (See what I did there?  I'm hip.  I'm with it.  Insert image of Dr Evil trying to impress his son Scott with a lame attempt at dancing the macarena here.  How the hell do you spell macarena, anyway?)  I go to shoe stores and they have thousands of pairs of shoes for sale and maybe one or two will come close to fitting me, and generally they are marked up so high that if I had a normal person's feet I could buy two or three pairs for the price of the one huge pair.

So this morning I bit the proverbial bullet and bought a pair of shoes online.  Size 15W, which is the wrong size but I couldn't find anything useable in size 14WW which is what I need.  We'll see how they feel when I get them in 2-7 days.  Hopefully they fit well enough and I can stop wearing the shoes I have on right now.  The shoes with holes right through the soles that have no more cushion because the cushion has disintegrated over the last six or so years that I've been wearing them.

Wish my feet luck.

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