Friday, February 24, 2012

Increased Obsession

I am getting more and more obsessed with RPM as each day moves on.  What the hell am I going to do on March 1st?

Anyway, as stated, last night's two songs bring me to 10 which is the goal for the project.  I think I'm up around 39 minutes which is also above the goal for the project.  I do not have everything finished yet, and there are at least two more that I am optimistic will end up on the A list.  But lets forget about the A/B/C list scenario for now.  If I had to mail in today, what would the track list be?

I would think this:
The Day it All Went to Pieces
Fight or Flight?
Showdown at Canobie Lake Park
Heartland Denies the Obvious Truth
Ready for It
RPM Blues
Where My Heart Lives
Throw Away
Quiet Lazy Song

There are two schools of thought regarding sequencing a demo/album like this.  If it is a demo (which this definitely is) then it should be ordered from best song to worst song with the best song first.  That way it's front loaded with all of your best stuff.  You don't want to make the listener wait for the good parts, just bash him/her over the head right away. The other idea is to have it flow.  Don't put two heavy songs next to each other, and don't put two slow songs next to each other, and don't put two soft songs next to each other, and yadda yadda. 

In this case I did both.  1-5 are what I feel are the strongest songs.  6-10 are weaker songs but arranged so two like feels are not together.

Another method for sequencing tracks is to use the Derek and the Dominoes method.  The Layla album is ordered from the first song they worked on to the last song they worked on.  That's it.  My three RPM failures, when finally completed, all follow that method.  Unfortunately this time I'm not sure what the original order was.  Garageband for iPad gives each song a name, "My Song X" where X is a number.  When I started I had some old stuff that I didn't want to keep.  After a few songs were underway I deleted the unwanted songs.  At that point the files were named starting at 1.  I can't remember which song I actually did first.  Was it My Song 2 or My Song 3?  I can't remember.  Who cares.  I'm having way too much fun with this dumb project to worry about crap like that.

Hopefully there will be more completes tonight!


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