Monday, February 27, 2012

It's in the Mail

My crappy RPM CD is in the mail.  I went over to the post office in Framingham at lunch today and sent it off.  I'm not sure what comes next.  There was a forum post on the RPM site saying that we'll also have to mail mp3s somewhere.  Not sure why, but it's fine with me.  I think there is also supposed to be a way to mark myself as finished on my profile.  I'll figure it out.  The package has a 2/27 postmark.  It's on the road with two days to spare. 

So now we can turn our attention to other things.  Want to know what I did last night?  I read a book!  Can you believe it?

The NHL trade deadline is today at 3:00pm Eastern time.  No hints at what the Bruins may or may not be doing, but they could seriously use a forward or two.  One goal scorer and one defensive specialist would do.  That would make up for Horton and Peverley.  Their next game is Tuesday against Ottawa.  Hopefully there will be some positive developments in the roster within the next 70 minutes that will help open a little distance between us and Ottawa in the standings.  Hopefully.  (Rick Nash??)

The Red Sox announced this weekend that they are banning beer on certain occasions.  I think that is the funniest thing ever.  They are telling a bunch of spoiled brat jock millionaires that they can't have beer.

Yeah, right.

RPM is over (for me)... now it's back to all of the other things that interest me.

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