Friday, February 24, 2012

Snow and Stuff

It was snowing a minute ago.  While I was walking into the building this morning I saw the biggest snow flake ever.  I swear it was half an inch in diameter.  It was a hugh-munga snow flake.

Of course the temperature is in the high 30's, low 40's on the old Fahrenheit scale so no snow is going to be sticking around today.

Note to adobe acrobate reader.  When I click to open a file, that is not the same thing as asking to print it.  Print != Open.  Just saying.

I waited until everyone was sound asleep last night and then I snuck into the cellar and finished two more songs.  That's 10, kids.  I could mail in a finished album to RPM headquarters right now if I wanted to.  I've still got five more to finish.  Hopefully by Monday I'll be mailing a sucker in.  Hopefully.

The Bruins beat the Blues the other night, despite blowing an early 2-0 lead.  The game was in St Louis where the Blues have been dominant, and we beat them.  Brad Marchand scored twice.  It was a good game against a good team.  Tonight we play in Buffalo.  Buffalo is not a good team.  We tend to play down to our opponent.  Hopefully tonight they will correct that problem and stomp all over the Sabers. 

Go Bruins

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