Tuesday, February 21, 2012

More Progress

I've no doubt that I'm the only person alive who gives a shit about any of this but...

More big RPM progress today. Two more songs written, including vocals. That brings me up to my goal of 15. I also recorded acoustic guitar on a couple of songs, and added saxophone solos to two as well. After 15-20 minutes worth of noodling on the sax my jaw and my lips were pretty much dead to me, and I had a major headache.

Still, I pressed on and managed to finish four more songs. That brings the done-count to six. Eight more to go.

I'm starting to think a little about an official RPM CD. Part of the project is supposed to be mailing a finished disc into RPM headquarters in Portsmouth. I've never wanted to do that at all. Just posting it to alonetone was enough for me. This year there is an actual risk of finishing on time though.

If I do put together a CD it probably won't have all 15 songs on it. There are at least three (including one I finished today) that are much lamer than my usual lame. I'll post them to alonetone, but if I mail in a disc I will leave them off.

I need to start thinking about cover art too. Damn, it's weird being way ahead of schedule!

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