Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Things You Take for Granted

Sometimes when you've lived a few decades you start to take little things for granted without realizing it. I learned of one such thing tonight.

I have this little boom box in the cellar. It's a CD/cassette/AM/FM deal with little maybe 3 or 4 inch speakers. If memory serves I bought it in maybe 1998 or so.

Tonight my step son and I went down cellar to watch the Bruins while the girls stayed upstairs watching Survivor. He saw the boom box and got really into it. I figured it was probably his first tape player and he was curious about that. He asked to play a tape, but I don't have any in the house. That wasn't the big deal though.

Much to my surprise, it was the radio that grabbed him. I had to talk him through how to turn it on and tune it, and after a few seconds of fiddling he found the Bruins game.

He went NUTS! He was so excited! He cranked up the volume and literally dashed up the stairs to tell his mother all about it.

It was so funny. I never would have imagined that something as silly as tuning a radio could light him up like that, but why not? He's probably never dealt with a tuner outside of a car or his iPod nano, and I don't expect he's ever actually played with one in a car, and I don't think he's gotten around to the tuner in his iPod.

Knowing how to use a radio is something I took for granted. My step son taught me different and showed me how cool it can be.

I absolutely love being a step dad.

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