Friday, November 9, 2012

Bad Advertisement

I heard a commercial on the radio.  It was selling blue cross health insurance.  The ad kicks off with a woman saying her family has been using blue cross for more generations than she can count.  She then says that her grandparents were among the original customers back in the 30s.

So the spokesperson for the company cannot count to three?  There have been more generations than she can count.  Well, there were her grandparents (that's one) and her parents (that's two) and her (that's three).  Yeah.  1... 2... 3...  Three.  There have been three generations, and she admits that she cannot count to three.

So the person blue cross has hired to convince us to buy their insurance is not smart enough to count to three, but apparently she is smart enough to buy health insurance.

You know... I was in kindergarten when the concept of Proof Reading was introduced to me.  Didn't anyone stop to proof read the script at any point?  Didn't the writer?  Didn't the representative of the ad agency who presented the script to the customer?  Didn't blue cross?  Didn't the engineer who recorded the voices?  Didn't the producer who supervised the session?  Didn't the radio salesperson who sold the time slot?

If you cannot count to three, then I don't want to hear your opinions on health insurance.

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