Thursday, November 1, 2012

November Music

Another November has arrived.  Didn't the last one just end?

November is National Solo Album Month, as I say every year, and like every year I am thinking about taking a crack at it.  Also like every year I will probably half ass work on it for a day or two and then cave in and stop. 

As of right now, I want to do it.  I have not, however, actually signed up.  We'll see.  I felt really great when I finished last February's RPM and I would very much like to do that again (as always) and maybe the new challenge this year for RPM is to make it a follow up to a project from just a few months prior.  Can I empty the creative well in November and have it full again come February?

Maybe that will be the challenge.  Whatever happens, I will use my iPad again as that worked really well on the last RPM.  Maybe I'll do more editing and try to get songs into the 10 minute  range this time.  Prog it up, all the way!  Maybe one big 30 minute long suite.

Maybe nothing.  Who knows.  Who cares.

Give it a shot, you might surprise yourself.

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