Thursday, November 15, 2012

Random Thoughts

I'm forming this particular random thought based on something that happened to some one else...

If you consider some one a friend, don't pick a verbal fight with that person out of the blue after almost a decade without contact.  It's bad form.  It makes you look like a heavy drug user, or some one who is mentally ill.  Further, don't pick a verbal fight with that person out of the blue based on a character trait that has no basis in reality.  It's like picking a fight over the direction of gravity's pull when you tell your attackee that don't they feel stupid for thinking that gravity pulled up... when based on the fact that your would be victim's feet are firmly planted on the ground, it is clear that they do not believe that gravity pulls up.

It makes you look dumb.  It also shows your "friend" that you never gave a shit about them at all, at least not enough to get a core fact of their personality straight.  It also, as previously stated, calls your mental health into question.  Oh, and it makes you a friggin' asshole as well.

One final thought... the word "fuck" has four letters.  Get it?  It's a "four letter word" ha ha.  If you are attacking some one in an email and you mean to say "fuck you" but you actually type "fuk u" then it calls into question whether or not you have the mental capacity to have passed junior high school.

Okay, and now a final question before I change the subject to something unimportant... Is there some fundamental difference between a bitch from Massachusetts and a bitch from New Hampshire?  Apparently there is, but I cannot figure it out.  A bitch from Massachusetts pays state income and sales tax and has much better state services, while a bitch from New Hampshire pays no state income or sales tax and can't get the roads plowed and the public schools in towns with lower property values have a tougher time getting books and supplies... but does that really have anything to do with whether said person is a bitch or not?  I can't see how that particular word is any different between the states.  I must be missing something there.

In the immortal words of the singer from the Spin Doctors, " don't need to be a woman to be a bitch.  You just need to be a bitch."


And now a subject change...

Are you surprised by the Miami Marlins fire sale?  They have dumped almost every valuable player on their roster after last year going on a gigantic spending spree, opening a new stadium, and then coming in last place.

Are you surprised?  I'm not.  This is the Marlins.  They've done it before.  The difference is when they did it before it was after winning the World Series.  The ownership is different now, but the precedent has been set.  Spend lots of money for one year, then get rid of everyone.  Why is it a surprise now?  I knew this was coming even before last season started.  Duh, I say.  Duh.

Subject change...

Remember hockey?

No, neither do I.

Subject change...

The kids got their report cards.  Can I just say, WOW!  They are like superstudents.  They are like the Captain America serum version of public school students.  I mean... WOW are those report cards fantastic or what?

There were parent teacher conferences for both kids this week.  I couldn't go to my step son's because of work, but I got to go to my step daughter's last night.  Let's just say that that meetings were short.  Very short.  Here's a summation of what the teachers said:  She's smart, hard working, respectful, and awesome.

Yeah, I have the two greatest step kids on Earth. 

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