Saturday, November 10, 2012

I Love My Wife

Reason #345531145 why I love my wife, Jen:

She is suffering from an unstoppable urge to get a new gadget. Tonight we went to the new Microsoft store to look at the new Surface. (It's cool, but I still think iPad is the better device, and Windows 8 is going to take some getting used to) We then went to the Apple store to view the new iPads. (The mini doesn't interest me at all, and is the new, new iPad just a new iPad with a lightning connector?) We finally went to Best Buy to check out various 7" Android tablets. (The new Samsung and Nexus are both pretty slick, and the new Kindle Fire HD has some promise too)

All the while Jen kept trying to talk me into getting a new iPad so that we could both have a new gadget. How could you not love someone like that. She is the best!

She said to me, "What's it going to take to get you a new iPad tonight?" I swooned right there and then.

Change of subject: Did you know that you can check yourself out at the Apple Store using the Apple Store app? It only handles one item per transaction, and items must be less that $300, but it sure was cool buying a back up lightning cable without having to talk to a clerk.

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