Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Political Ads

The onslaught of political ads is by far the worst part of any election year.  Obviously, the Presidential elections bring out the worst ad campaigns, and they start airing well over a year before the election.  I believe that the constant negative campaigning is a significant factor in voter apathy in this country.  I have no evidence to support that claim, but I would love to see a independent scientific study done.  The never ending stream of lying and hate just make me not care, and I have a feeling that many people feel the same, and that many more feel even stronger and end up staying home on election day.

Today, however, I learned about something even worse than the evils of political campaign advertising.

The only thing worse than the constant barrage of political advertisements is having to continue to endure said barrage after you have voted.  Having to suffer through the endless Scott Brown and anti-Obama commercials on WBZ FM in Boston was made infinitely worse when I had just left the polls where I voted against Scott Brown and for President Obama.

The good news, of course, is that it all ends when the polls close tonight.  For better or for worse, the insulting, insufferable advertising ends tonight.

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