Thursday, November 8, 2012

NHL CBA Speculation

As all hockey fans know, the NHL is still in their idiot lock out.  They are still trying to find a way to divide up their all but unbelievable record profits and the game has been shut down indefinitely while they bicker like little whiny bitches.

But there is new news over the last couple of days.  The league and the union have been meeting in an undisclosed New York location and the meetings have been going on for hours and hours.  While one would think that would be the expected behavior for two parties engaged in a labor dispute, they have shown us that the normal behavior is to not meet at all.  Still, this is not the new news I was talking about.

The big news about this round of negotiations is that no one knows what's going on.  Neither side has been talking to the press.  There has been none of the usual public bickering about who is not taking the (non) negotiations seriously and how we should love this side and hate that side and yadda yadda yadda, blah blah blah.

Both sides have been mum on everything.  This is the best news imaginable.  That means the talks are actually being productive.  They might actually be getting stuff done!  There have been rumors that the commissioner has been spoken too by a group of owners who said enough is enough, get a damn deal done so we can make money.  There have also been rumors that a number of player have, through their agents, approached the head of the union and said enough is enough, get a damn deal done so we can start playing again.

I feel conflicted about this.  I want them to come back so that everyone on the periphery of the NHL, the building staff and the surrounding businesses, can get back to normal.  At the same time, I am bothered by the thought of the league coming back because it will eventually make a hypocrite out of me.  I very much want to not get sucked back into being an NHL fan... but I know without a doubt that at some point I will be sucked back into being an NHL fan.

Oh well.  I guess I should just support the greater good.

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