Saturday, November 10, 2012

On Call Blues

I am this morning starting my third day of a six day on call.  It was supposed to be one over night on call but it ballooned to cover the holiday weekend as well.  What holiday weekend?  I'm supposed to have Monday off for Veterens Day but I volunteered to be on the skeleton crew that covers the day.  Oh we'll.

My gorgeous wife is going to be working today and tomorrow for most of the time.  We can't go anywhere because we need to stay close to home for the on call. I think I might spend today flip flopping between terror over the phone ringing and messing with music for national solo album month.  Why not.

I have an idea for a lyrical concept that will more than cover an album worth of songs.

The new Bond movie comes out this weekend and we won't be seeing it.  That got me thinking... What if each new song was about a Bond villian?  I could make that happen.  I'm thinking that one song will be Dr No being pissed off over his hands.  Another could be a love song sung by Blofeld to his cat.  Goofy stuff like that.  We will see.

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