Sunday, November 4, 2012

Bond Movies

We are having a discussion with the kids about the actors who played James Bond.  I am hammering it home that Sean Connery is the best.  The reason for that is because Sean Connery is the best James Bond actor.  I want them to be sure of that should the topic ever come up on the school yard.


That's my personal list from favorite to least favorite, but even my least favorite was friggin' awesome.  Come on, I mean... George Lazenby and Telly Sevalis beating the crap out of each other while hurtling down a bob sled track?  Friggin' Awesome!  Timothy Dalton breaking the defector out from behind the iron curtain using the oil pipeline?  Friggin' superspy!  Let's face it, they are all awesome.

I'm looking forward to Skyfall.

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