Thursday, November 29, 2012

Windows on a Mac

There are a few things that I've come across today while running Windows on a Mac that will probably have me using my Windows laptop for future telecommuting days.

For some reason, while using a VPN connection, my Remote Desktop session keeps crapping out on me. Two, maybe three times an hour, for anywhere from a few seconds to about five minute, the Remote Desktop connection just goes away. It has always been able to re-establish itself, but it's annoying. My wife has experienced the same thing when connecting to her office via her Mac.

Another thing, my company's software uses the crap out of the function keys. These keys do not work on the Mac without hitting the fn key as well. That's a pain, but not fatal. Unfortunately the function key we use the most is F12. On the Mac, fn-F12 launches the dashboard. So every time I try to save something within my company's system, I also launch my dashboard.

One last thing... It is slow. The virtual machine running Windows locally isn't terribly fast to begin with, but when you add on all of the rest of the remoting it is doing... Well... It is slow. Not fatally so, but still slow.

So next time, the laptop.

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