Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Coverage

There were three national elections that I voted in today.  We are watching ABC's national coverage and WCVB in Boston's local coverage.  So far it is looking like at least two of the three races were won by the candidate I voted for.

Niki Tsongas has been reelected in our US Congressional district in what looks like a 2-1 landslide.

A few of the networks are calling the US Senate race for Elizabeth Warren.  Her lead is still only four percentage points, but it is looking like we will have a new Senator from Massachusetts.

In the Presidential race, it is still too close to call, and there are still Western states with open polls.  Still, President Obama has won the Electoral Votes from Massachusetts.

I'm optimistic that my candidates will sweep tonight, but it's still way too early to know for sure.

Congratulations to Representative Tsongas, and Senator Elect Warren.

Cautious Optimism.

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