Friday, November 2, 2012

Nix the Winter Classic

The word on twitter is that the NHL has cancelled this year's winter classic.  Fans and reporters alike are all in a tizzy over the axing of the league's signature regular season event.

My feelings?


Before the lock out  began there were many people in the press who believed that the league would shut down until the end of November, just in time for the HBO documentary on the winter classic to start filming.  To me, that would be the single most insulting thing imaginable.  That would make the situation infinitely worse.  The thought of the league shutting down normal operations only to magically come back just in time for it's main PR ball washing event and cash cow would be hard proof of how little the league cares about hockey.  The regular season can go to hell, just so long as we don't skip the event that rakes in the dough, while at the same time making us look really good.  That kind of screw you hockey attitude makes me want to throw up my lunch, and I am stunned that there are people who claim to care about professional hockey who think otherwise.  Do you really want hockey back, or do you want the glitz? 

Why not cancel the whole season, then play the winter classic, followed the next day by a coin toss between the Rangers and the Leafs (the two biggest markets) to decide who gets to hoist the Stanley Cup, and then immediately proceed to Las Vegas for the NHL awards ceremony?  And after that, wait a year and do the same thing all over again.  If the PR machine and the big money parties are all you really care about, then why even bother with the games at all?

Cancel the damn winter classic, and then cancel the regular season, and then cancel the playoffs and just get it over with and put us out of our misery.

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