Saturday, October 13, 2012

2012 League Championship Series Predictions

Way to go Cardinals! Way to bail me out!

Three series had finished last night and my pick had lost all of them. The Reds lost to the Giants, the A's lost to the Tigers, and the Orioles lost to the friggin' Yankees.

I was heading to bed (we got a new mattress yesterday, can you say comfy?) and trying to decide if I wanted to use my iPad as a radio and listen to the Cardinals vs Nationals game, or use it as a TV and watch another episode of The Walking Dead on the Netflix app.

The score made the decision for me. The Cardinals were down... Way down. I watched some Zombie.

When I got up today I saw a tweet from 98.5FM's John Wallach that mentioned something about Davey Johnson and karmic payback for 1986. I checked the score and...

The Cardinals were down two runs with two outs in the top of the ninth and scored four runs and won the game and the series.

Didn't they do that to the Rangers last year too?

So I was 2/2 in the play ins, and 1/4 in the division series. That's 3/6. Yes, I suck, but at least it didn't get shut out on a round.

Now for my League Championship predictions, like anyone really cares.

The Tigers and the Evil Empire known as the Yankees. Guess who I pick here. Yes, Robbie gets to root for a triple crown winner. I pick the Tiggers, um the Tigers. I hate the friggin' Yankees.

The Giants and the Cardinals. Again, guess. The Cardinals made me look good last year, and they continue to do so this year. I pick the Cardinals again.

So lets root for a Tigers vs Cardinals World Series.

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