Monday, October 22, 2012

Fan Fiction

This being the internet, it is a given that there are millions of really sick people out there.  But how sick and twisted and disgusting do you have to be to write adult fan fiction based on a Disney show?

I mentioned the other day about a Disney show that the kids are all into right now, called Austin and Ally.  Yesterday we happened to stumble across some Austin and Ally fan fiction.  Let me just say, What the hell??  If you want to write R, or NC17, or XXX rated fan fiction based on a story that already focuses on adult themes (I'm looking at you, 50 Shades of Grey) then I guess you can go have at it.  If you want to write that stuff based on a show that does not focus on adult themes, but includes adult characters then you probably need a new hobby and at the very least you should maybe think about trying to be original and not steal some one else's characters, but go ahead and do your worst.

But if you want to write pervy fan fiction about kid characters on a kid show and post it somewhere a kid can find it then I hope the other prisoners do really awful things to you while you are serving your sentence.  I mean, the closest thing I've seen to an adult situation on this show was one character being afraid to ask some one to dance with them at another kid's birthday party.  You want to use those characters as your basis for a story about drunken debauchery, then I hope your prison sentence is Sandusky-esque.

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