Friday, October 19, 2012

Good and Bad

There were good things that happened in pro sports yesterday, and there were bad things.

First, the bad things.  The NHL, of course.  As I expected, the players rejected the leagues new 50/50 offer.  As I hoped, the players made not one but three counter offers.  As I feared, they stupidly kept their steps down to 50/50, instead of compromising and going right there.  The league rejected all three offers after less than an hour of discussion and termed the day a step backward.

So my hope and my fear both happened, and now the players are the bad guys.  I'm not the least bit surprised.  It's a negotiation between Gary lock-em-out Bettman and Donald strike-forever Fehr.  We are never going to see hockey again.

Fortunately there was good news on the baseball front.  The Yankees Lose!  Theeeeeeee Yankees Lose!

They got swept by the Tigers and looked like they never even came close to having a prayer of even making things interesting.  It was wonderful.  Thank you to all of Detroit.  Boston owes you one.

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