Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The A's Win

Today at 3:30 I went to the MLB iOS app at work and started listening to the A's vs Rangers game.  My hopes for tonight, the final night of the baseball regular season, is for Oakland and Baltimore to win, and Texas and New York to lose.

The A's scored in the first inning and there was much rejoicing.  The Rangers scored five times in the third and it was the end of the world.  Then my phone started ringing and didn't stop for quite a while.  I snuck a peek at the score once and it was five to three Rangers.  When I got back to the broadcast the A's were up eight to five.  I listened to the rest of the game, feeling cautiously optimistic, and the A's pulled it out!

The Oakland A's were five games behind the Texas Rangers in the AL West nine days ago...

...and they won the division.

Fantastic job Oakland!

Unfortunately, the Orioles are currently losing and the Yankees are currently winning.  Jerks.

In the Miguel Cabrera front, he is still in the lead in all three categories and he is still playing tonight.

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