Friday, October 26, 2012

Here Comes Sandy

Am I going to have to make another one of these goofy things?

Hurricane Sandy is on the way.  I'm trying to make up some sort of goofy joke based on the name, but how many Sandy's can you think of?

Sandy from Greese.

Sandy Denny from Fairport Convention?  Is this storm my punishment for going all Brit Folkie over the last few months?

Sandy Duncan, maybe?

Do we know for sure that Sandy is meant to be a woman's name in this case?  Could it be Sandy Koufax?

Regardless of who the joke ends up referring too, I hope this one spares us the way the last one did.  Granted, it slammed the crap out of other parts of New England, but let's hope the whole region gets at most the same treatment Irene gave Massachusetts. 

Hurricanes blow.

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