Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Last Races

The Orioles beat the Rays last night, 1-0.  Of course.  The Orioles always win by one run, don't they?

The A's beat the Rangers to set up the marquis game of the night tonight.  The two teams are now tied for first in the AL West, meaning whoever wins tonight does not have to play in the wild card play in game.  That's huge.  Go A's!

Back to the AL East, the Orioles could have tied the Yankees for first in the division if only the Red Sox could have won their damn game.  But no, the Yankees scored twice in the ninth to send the game to extra innings, and then won it in the 12th.  So the Yankees hold onto their one game division lead.  If they lose tonight and the O's win then we have a tie and there will be a one game play off on Thursday to determine who goes to the one game wild card play off on Friday.  That could be pretty freakin' interesting, eh?

In the National league, the Cardinals clinched the final play off spot.  The Dodgers are out.  I got at least one wish; a Josh Beckett free post season.  I might lay off the guy next year, we'll see, but for now I am glad he is out.  The only thing left to decide in that NL is who gets home field in the one game play off.

I do love baseball.  The Red Sox sucking this year made me forget that a little bit, but I remember now. I love baseball.

Go A's.
Go Orioles.
Bite my shiny metal ass, Yankees.

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