Wednesday, October 31, 2012

MLB Predictions Recap

So... ummm... The Giants won.  In four games.  Two of them were shutouts.  The Yankees couldn't score in the AL championship series and the Tiggers beat them soundly.  Then the Tiggers turned into the Yankees and couldn't score in the World Series and the Giants beat them soundly.

It was over so fast that I missed it.  I caught about three innings of game three on the radio.  That was it.  It was over before I knew it.

So the question then is, did I get the pick right or not?  I picked the Tiggers, but when I did I guaranteed a Giants victory.  Naw, I can't fudge the numbers that way.  I picked the Tiggers, the Tiggers lost.  I went four out of nine in my post season predictions.  That's probably the worst I've ever done in any sport.

Can we just put this pathetic baseball season behind us and get back to what's important... bashing the NHL for their unimaginable lock out stupidity?  Word on the street is that the Winter Classic will be cancelled tomorrow.  GOOD!  The NHL does not deserve a feel good (ie, money machine) event like the Winter Classic.  They only deserve one thing and that it to cease to exist so a real top level professional hockey league can be created to replace them.

(Oh, and I am aware that I misspelled the name of the American League Champions.  I did it on purpose.  Learn your Winnie the Pooh.)

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