Sunday, October 28, 2012

My Problems are Important Too

I don't like to get personal when I bitch about things.  When something is bothering me, I don't like to air it out here.  Back in the ol' myspace blogging days I did that from time to time, but only when I reached a major boiling point and just had to yell and scream at some one but there was no one to yell and scream at.  Since moving to Blogger, I don't believe I've done that.  At least not about things going on in my life.  I keep that hidden from blogger, and facebook, and twitter, and google+, and flickr, and so on and so on.

But I have problems too.  I don't live in a friggin vacuum.  You can lay your problems at my feet all you want, but don't think that just because I don't share my problems here that I don't have problems of my own.  Someone who knows me really, really well might have stitched together that something was seriously wrong over the last seven days or so simply because I was gushing over my anticipation of an upcoming Rush concert, and then that concert came and went without me gushing over how great it was.  If you are observant enough to piece together that I, Robert, failed to attend a Rush concert that I already had tickets for, then you could probably figure out that something was seriously bothering me this week.  I was having problems.  Big problems.

Last week was a bad week.  Last week was the worst week I've had, maybe ever.  The ship has been righted and all is well now, but last week was bad.

Things can be bad with you and I will always be sympathetic.  I will always try to help.  I will always do whatever I can do.  I will always do my best.  But if you aren't even willing to consider the fact that I might be having problems too, and if you're going to throw the tiniest shit back at me when I come out of it then the hell with you.

It's a two way street.  If you want me to be sympathetic to your problems, then you have to be sympathetic toward mine.  I'm not going to ask for help, because I can fix these things myself, but if you won't even give me the benefit of a little decency, then to hell with you.

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