Saturday, October 6, 2012

Baseball predictions Round 2

I was right, the Cardinals and Orioles both won. Two for two kiddos!

I have to make the division predictions fast because I'm on vacation and using my phone while the family sleeps.

Orioles and Yankees. My heart wants the O's. My brain knows it won't happen. The Yankees will win, but it should take all five games.

The A's and the Tigers. The A's are my team now. No offense to the new triple crown winner, but the are going to lose to the on-fire-A's.

Cardinals and Nationals. Even though I'm in DC as I write this, I cannot pick a team that shut down its healthy best pitcher prior to the playoffs. They aren't trying their hardest if they don't play their best people. Cardinals win.

Giants and Reds. These are not the same Giants who won it all two years ago. I'm picking the reds.

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