Monday, October 15, 2012

League Championship Happiness

Given how everything went to hell in baseball's divisions series (for me, at least) I am going to take this opportunity to bask in the glow of my predictions thus far... because they will probably turn out wrong.

The Cardinals won game one last night.  I didn't watch it, but I did get to listen to a few innings worth of radio.  I have to say, the Cardinals have a play by play radio announcer, who is probably revered in St Louis, who has vaulted himself to the top of my most-painful-listening-experience list.  I can't believe it.  I've listened to three games in the last week and he seems to constantly forget what he's talking about, mid sentence.  When I say constantly I don't mean a few times a game.  I mean a few times a paragraph.  It's so difficult to listen to him.  On top of that, does the guy eat all game or what?  His lips are smacking on almost every word.  Either his mouth is full or his dentures don't fit.  It's just awful.  Still, the Cardinals won and that made me happy.

In the American League, the Heroic Tigers have a two games to none lead on the Evil Yankees.  Derek Jeter broke his foot in game one.  One one level I am happy about this.  Not because I wish any player injury, I would never do that, but because it removes a great player from the Yankees line up and therefore makes it easier for the Tigers to win the series.  You have to be practical about things like this, right?  You want the Tigers to win?  This injury helps.  At the same time, the sportsmanship in me is a little disappointed.  Derek Jeter isn't just a Yankee.  In many ways Derek Jeter is the Yankee.  Seeing the Yankees lose without him in the lineup sort of takes the fun out of it.  I can have a tremendous amount of respect for Jeter as a player and still hate his friggin' guts.  Anyway, the Yankees are losing and whatever the lineup that makes me happy.

Oh, and the NHL is still in their bullshit lockout.  Just in case you forgot.

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