Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Marine One

During our visit to the Washington Monument on Sunday we saw something that may or may not, but probably, have been really awesome.

We were walking around in front of the monument, trying to decide where we should go next, when a helicopter flew over us.  No big deal.  We also noticed a couple of black suited, secret agent looking folks on top of a nearby building.  Interesting.

Then a few minutes later, two marine helicopters go bombing over us.  Both were initially headed straight for the White House.  One veered off, but the other hovered for a second and then landed.  We couldn't see the White House from where we were, but we knew approximately where it was and this helicopter was landing right on the lawn!

Speculation began in earnest.  Was the President on the helicopter?  If so then we need to call it Marine One.  Was the President in the White House and about to board the helicopter?  Was someone important being flown in for a meeting?  Were the first children getting picked up for a ride to Six Flags Virginia?  Who knew.  We thought we'd take a walk over to the White House and see what was up.

Unfortunately, this is all we could see.  Security had closed off the road in front of the mansion so we could not get a clear view of what was going on.  If you squint you can see the White House through those trees.  If you squint more you might be able to see the blades on the helicopter.

After a short wait the helicopter lifted off again and flew right over us.  Was it Marine One at that point?  Had it been Marine One a few minutes before?  We don't know.  I chose to believe that the President of the United States was just on the other side of one of those windows.

As soon as the helicopter was out of sight, our two friends on the nearby rooftop packed up their stuff and left.

Once the security guard on the street got the all clear we were able to walk the 10 feet or so to our left and see the White House.

Very interesting.  Could we have just had a brush with greatness?  Might we have been close enough to the President of the United States to shout a good morning?

We'll never know for sure.

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