Sunday, October 28, 2012

Methuen Police - Sandy Update

The Methuen police department posted the following notice on Facebook.  I'm copying it here on the off chance that someone in the city does not use Facebook.  Like that would ever happen.

Methuen City officials convened tonight to review emergency preparedness plans. During the meeting they participated in a MEMA conference call where they received up to date storm information.
Based on this information the Mayor has closed
 City hall for Monday 10/29/12. 
The Superintendent had determined it warrant closing the Methuen public schools earlier in the day.

Police, Fire and DPW officials briefed the mayor on the state of preparedness.

Sandy update for our area:
The storm should arrive in Methuen in the morning around 9 AM and it should have a duration of approximately 12 - 18 hours. The storm impaction will consist of on and off rain and sustained winds in the area of 30 - 40 MPH with wind gusts in the area of 50 -60 MPH.The heavier winds should arrive around Noon. The models show increased wind gust speed around sunset.
The rain should continue on and off through Friday night. It is possible that Wednesday night #Halloween may be postponed based on wind damage and on going rain. This decision will be made on Tuesday when a better understanding of the storm effects are known.

1. If residents who lose power choose to utilize a generator please remember to place it outside of the house and/or closed in spaces. The generator should be placed a safe distance from the residence and should be in an area that is well ventilated.
2. Please remember to check on elderly family members and neighbors during and after the storm.
3. Residents who suffer power outage may contact National 

Grid at the following storm central hotline and social media sites:

National Grid Electric
National Grid electric customer to our 24-hour customer service center – power outage calls to 1-800-465-1212 and any other calls to 1-800-322-3223. For those who are able to access the internet during a storm/emergency, outages may be reported and additional information may be found on our website at the following link: 

National Grid Gas
National Grid natural gas customers should call 1-800-233-532

As always you can follow Methuen Emergency News at these sites:
• Social media sites:

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