Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Beam Me Up, Scotty


I think there might have been a side effect to the New England earthquake yesterday after all.

This morning I was in the cellar picking up some work clothes for the day.  You see, I wash 'em, I dry 'em, I sort 'em, I fold 'em, but I usually fail to put 'em away.  So most of my clothes are sitting on a table in the cellar next to the washer/dryer.

As I am digging through the pile, trying to find a shirt, I hear a voice from the sky.  "Your signal is weak.  Try boosting your gain."  It was a voice I recognized immediately.

Mr Spock.  First officer/science officer aboard the Starship Enterprise, NCC 1701.

Yeah... that Mr Spock.

A few seconds went by and suddenly I heard Lieutenant Uhura.  I then heard Chief Engineer, Commander Scott.  A few more seconds went by and I heard Captain James T. Kirk himself!

A couple of years ago we bought a christmas ornament that was a Star Trek communicator.  When you open it up and push buttons you hear voice samples from the TV show.  That's what I was hearing.  I guess the mild shake we got last night must have jolted the communicator inside the box of ornaments inside the closet in the cellar, and either the battery is dying and it's firing off randomly, or something is leaning against a button.

For a second there I felt like the fanboy in the movie Galaxy Quest when Tim Allen tells him that it's all real.  Only for a second.

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