Wednesday, October 24, 2012

World Series Prediction

Well, my playoff predictions have continued to suck.  So much so that I am kinda losing interest.  I mean, every time I decide to back a team they lose like douchey chumps.  The Red Sox, the A's, and now the Cardinals.  It's almost like any team I pick to win is guaranteed to lose.

So here's my World Series pick!

It's Detroit against San Francisco.  I think it's going to be Detroit.  Their pitching is freakin' out of this world.  Now, assuming they haven't all spent their huge amount of downtime drinking beer and eating chicken, they should be enough to put down the Giants.

So after going two for two in the play ins, one for four in the division series, and one for two in the league championship series, I am four out of eight.  If the Tigers win, I finish the playoffs above .500.  If the Giants win I end up under .500.  But given that I picked them, there is no way for them to win.

Is it April yet?

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