Friday, October 12, 2012


Sure was a bad night for my division series predictions last night.  After winning the first two games, Cincinnati was eliminated by San Francisco.  Choke. 

Then later in the evening the A's were eliminated by the Tigers.  I had declared the A's to be my team and there they go losing in the first (real) round.  Nice.  My Red Sox luck seems to continue.

The Cardinals lost game four on a walk off home run and Washington has forced game five.  Yippee.  If the Cardinals advance I think they will be my new team (again) (thanks for nothing, A's).

The only good news came from the Orioles who beat the Yankees to force game five.  Both games three and four have gone to extra innings.  This is the tightest series and so far it is the most fun to watch.

There are two game fives tonight.  We need the Orioles and the Cardinals to win, or else my prediction percentage is going straight down the shitter for 2012.

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