Monday, October 1, 2012

Red Sox History in the Making

The Red Sox lost their 90th game of the season yesterday.  The last time the team lost 90 games in a season was 1966.  Suddenly losing 90 games seems like a good thing!

Here's why.

In 1966, the Boston Red Sox were a joke.  They came in last place in the American league.  They were awful.

In 1967 they won the pennant and Yaz won the triple crown.  Fenway park was empty in 1966, and it was full to the rafters in 1967, and has remained that way pretty much ever since.

They went from worst to first.  Who says that they cannot replicate that amazing feat next year (I do).  In '67 they may have been a healthy Tony Canigliaro away from winning it all.  All that stands between the Sox and glory next year may be the sacking of Schmucko the Clown (probably on Thursday, right?). 

If nothing else, the Sox have to show up and play like their lives depend on it in the final three games of 2012.  Not because their lives depend on it, but because they Yankees lives depend on it.  If the Sox pull out a three win miracle, and the Orioles and A's win their last few games, we could end up with the Yankees as the second wild card, meaning they would have to travel to Oakland for the wild card play in game.

We want this.

Go A's.
Go Orioles.
GO RED SOX! (wishful thinking, I know)

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